Long Term Projects
BBLB Christmas Store 

Thousands of Long Beach families, when the holiday season comes around, must make a decision between eating and buying presents for their children. The One Day Christmas Store "Shopping with Dignity" was started by Better Balance for Long Beach in 2007 to help these families so their children wouldn't miss out of the gift exchanges that most of us take for granted. 
This program was recognized in 2011 by Neighborhoods USA as the "Neighborhood of The Year Grand Prize Recipient." 
Watch it all come together in this video.
Thank you so much to those who continued to support the event in 2015 including the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Port of Long Beach, Long Beach Yellow Cab, Wells Fargo, jetBlue and many others.
Friends of Bixby Park

Friends of Bixby Park’s mission is to preserve the historic integrity of Bixby Park, while providing the necessary restorations and beautification to make the park a desirable locale for residents and visitors. Friends of Bixby Park is partnered with the Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation.

Tree Project through Wrigley Going Green and LBNF 
With help from LBNF, Wrigley is Going Green (WiGG) secured and utilized grants from the Neighborhood Partner Program and the California Urban and Community Forestry "Green Trees for the Golden State" program. These matching grant monies were used to open the old filled-in curb cuts, cut new openings, and plant 200 trees along the entire Anaheim Street corridor in Long Beach. Planting of these trees has helped to create a more pleasant ambiance in this revitalized area of the city while providing shade and clean air. 

WiGG put on
 several small plantings with community volunteers, youth groups and local businesses over the course of several years completing this project. WiGG continues it's work today in other parts of the city.
Peace 4 Long Beach 
LBNF worked with the "March For Peace" to secure donations for their events that advocated for peace and raised awareness of the effects of youth violence through shared experiences, group dialogue, and partnerships with schools and community members of Long Beach.
Members of the Long Beach Community "March for Peace"