Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation


We are a non-profit that puts on Long Beach’s premier 5/10/15K run/walk event, which is what interns will spend most if not all of their time working on.

Our hours are very flexible and most of the work can be done from home/remotely but it has worked out well for Patrick to come in to our office space on Grand between Willow and Stearns.  We don’t pay hourly but we have a scholarship set aside for interns.

There would be some cross over between these so interns can get experience in a couple of different disciplines:


1.       Event Marketing – Planning a marketing campaign and its component, graphics, email creation, and social media campaigns

2.       Sponsor and Partner recruitment – Sell the event to potential sponsors and partners. Learn to recruit groups and how to create win-win situations for sponsors. Oversee cross promotions with businesses.

3.       Volunteer Coordinator- Learn to market events to volunteers, how do you get them to show up and how do you organize them, use them and reward them once you have them.

4.       Operations and organizational experience – Attend non-profit board meetings, plan and execute behind the scenes of events.

 If interested please email resume and cover letter to gavin@wrigleyriverrun.com


Gavin Mc Kiernan 


Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation



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